12 June 2013

As my spring teaching comes towards the end, and until it starts up again in the fall at Shenkman Art Centre, I will be looking forward to taking some much needed trips to recharge my "visual batteries". 

Having made several 'wet boxes' over the past year to store and carry my wet plein air paintings, I have only to decide what sizes are best suited for any particular painting excursion. For local trips in the area, involving a day's painting, I will happily paint on a much larger format for instance. Rather than paint on what is generally considered a typical plein air sketch size which is usually anything from 8 x 10  to 12 x 16 inches, I  may sometimes choose a larger panel to paint on. For example any support from 16 x 20, 18 x 24, 20 x 24 up to 24 x 30 inches can be I find quite liberating! Of course this will always be decided on the weather conditions at the time. Painting large, does have its drawbacks, one being, not suited to working in very windy conditions.

On a road trip of a month or more, will require 'sizing down' to save space and weight, this is especially true when travelling by air. On longer road trips away from home. I will reduce my panel sizes, and usually I will paint on panels between 8 x 10 to 14 x18 inches. 


Ready and waiting!


Several sizes of wet boxes to choose from!

© John Day 2013